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Choose the legendary team of employees that will either stay with you during your journey, or leave you when you need them most. They're success is your success so treat them well, founder!

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In business it's all about appearance. Take your office and your team to the next level by leveling up your office, purchasing upgrades, and creating the coolest office this side of the Mississippi.

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90% of running a business is managing your finances properly so you can expand while still putting food on the table. Hire talent, fire the naysayers, and manage your operating costs to stay afloat until your company takes off!







Arturo Romero is a local resident to your city, and has lived his life watching the city grow and prosper from behind the counter of downtown's favorite coffee shop.  One day, while making an extremely delicious White Chocolate Mocha for a charming resident talking to an investor about their business pitch, he decided to pay listen closely.

From that fateful day onward, Arturo has been applying to local startups to become part of the next greatest business.  He doesn't have any official background in any traditional type of startup skill set; however, he's an extremely dedicated, hardworking, and balanced individual.  Players who choose Arturo will be in for a delicious treat, as he can easily be trained in any combination of career paths.

Tammy Tarly



Tammy Tarly, business woman, lead investor and night-time biker was not always so cool and successful.  As a matter of fact, she grew up like many Americans in a small house in the suburbs of a big city. Although her parents had normal jobs, she always knew she was destined for success.  That entrepreneurial spark blossomed in her as she grew up, and every day as a waitress at the local diner she would hear fantastic stories of local business owners who made their success and would come in to gossip.  

She learned everything she could from her customers, and at the tender age of 18 she picked up her life and moved to center city, Philadelphia, with just a small amount of savings from her waitress job. She has a passion for business and loves seeing companies grow from the ground up.

Milton King



Milton Arthur King, or Uncle Milton as your parents call him, has been a family friend and a business coach for nearly 30 years. After coaching some of the world's top entrepreneurs into personal and professional equilibrium and success he has finally retired and become a family man famous for his amazing southern-style BBQ.  It's sweet and spicy all in one, and after meeting Milton for the first time since you were a kid at a family reunion, you can't wait to get your hands on some more of that delicious BBQ!   Matter of fact, you're pretty sure you accepted his offer to help you grow your business just to get your hands on some more of that finger-licking goodness.

Whenever you need a hand in the game, give Milton a ring and he'll be sure to get you going quicker than a ray of light. 

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